DAY 25 /iPad Journaling through John / with SHE READS TRUTH app

Day 25 / John Study / She Reads Truth



I apologize for my random and infrequent posts of late! It has been over a week with my dad in the hospital…every day has been a different experience! The doc’s cannot find the source of his illness/infection, and his symptoms travel up and down like a roller coaster daily.

It’s such a mystery and often a surprise the way the Lord speaks to us through our circumstances when we choose to listen. I hear Him reminding me of His presence in the midst of it all.

Yesterday, I sat and illustrated Amanda Bible William’s analogy using the kite…

Like Thomas, we want a visual proof. We are not convinced until we can “see” things with our human eyes and reason them out with our human minds. Jesus was so patient and full of grace. He knew this about Thomas, about all of us, and He addressed this weakness with love.

He meets us wherever we are, reaches down and picks us up like a Daddy who lifts his child to see beyond the crowd that blocks his/her view.

God is bigger than what we can see or imagine. Aren’t you glad he’s not bound to thinking and acting with our limited resources?!

The wind and the kite…

We can see the effects of the wind that propels the kite upward. We cannot grasp with our sight the wind itself, but we sure can witness the power it has.

We may not know the root of my Dad’s illness but it is present, we witness the “effects” / the symptoms, I liken it to the wounds we bear. They can be buried deep beneath the surface, but their effects too, can be seen. Wounds (of the heart) can fester and remain diseased, changing the way we see ourselves, others and even God. They change the way we process information and influence the choices we make. Keeping them alive and well in the dark, hidden from view, gives them the power to take us to darkest places.

When we allow the Lord to enter beneath the surface, into these dark places, He will take our hand and lead us out…Cure any disease and clear our vision to see the great hope beyond.

When this happens for us, we experience His presence, His faithful provision, healing, and love. Our wounds then change in definition.

Instead of defining who we are (unlovable, unworthy, rejected, betrayed, abandoned, loser, screw up, disappointment) they can identify us…forgiven, worthy, rescued, child of God, victorious, loved…through Christ.

Jesus showed Thomas His wounds…not to define Himself as defeated, rejected, abandoned, and crucified, but to identify  Himself as our Savior,..Victor over Death in the name of Love. Proof, that He was dead but rose to life. This is what we were meant for… to die to ourselves & live as Christ!

As we share our healed wounds we can show others the Glory of God.



If you have wounds that are festering, they will only grow in the dark…uncover them! Allow the Lord to administer His healing power. Share them with a trusted follower of Christ. Bring your wounds to the Healer through prayer and experience new vision, new hope and increased faith.

You may not “see” the Lord in your current circumstance, but if you close your eyes, call His name, He will answer…and provide what you need. Most often, it is something you weren’t even looking for:)

Take a step into the light…He will do the rest.

Bless you,

One thought on “DAY 25 /iPad Journaling through John / with SHE READS TRUTH app

  1. Sue,

    I just read this post and realize your dad is or was in the hospital. How is he? Can I go and see him? I’d love to him.

    Love you!

    Paula Paula Bussard I have yet to find the man, woman, or child however exalted his station, who did not do better work and put forth greater effort under a spirit of approval than under a spirit of criticism. -Charles Schwab


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