What’s in it for me?!

I’ve often linked the phrase ” What’s in it for me? ” with a BIG FAT negative. It’s a selfish statement, right? If I do this for you, what am I going to get in return?  I usually try to do a “self check” (prodded by the Holy Spirit) when serving, speaking, sharing, or posting.  Because…my history would label me as a “people pleaser” and long ago, my primary purpose in serving others, was to serve myself a heaping helping of “you’re ok Sue!”

I still continue to ask the Lord to reveal my true motivation, and set me straight when needed, but when I read from Chapter 9 in Beth Guckenberger’s book, Start with Amen,  I was reminded of a different perspective! One that sees the “what’s in it for me?” as a postitive.

I came to this conclusion as I read Beth’s story about the Taxi driver.

I was in Mexico City, needing a cab to take me to the embassy. The hotel called a secure taxi service, and within minutes I was riding with Ignacio, a man who had been driving a cab for decades. Pretty quickly, we engaged in a spiritual conversation. He told me what was wrong with the church and with Christians. I listened, jumped in where appropriate, trying to insert truth with grace. As we neared my destination, I concluded with, “Maybe the Lord brought me to your backseat today because he wanted to stir your spiritual pot. He is undoubtedly pursuing you, Ignacio.”  -Beth Guckenberger (from START WITH AMEN)

Well, the story goes on, and let me just say, the Lord crosses Beth’s path with Ignacio again!

The thing that the Holy Spirit brought to my mind as I read this story is this:

We can more easily see when God is calling us to minister to a brother or a sister, and be excited that our GREAT God would use little ol’ us to do His good work.

But, we can also walk away from this amazing blessing without seeing what was “in it for us.”  It is in those precious moments, when the Lord allows us to be used, to pour out His glory and His love on another, that He does a GREAT WORK in the message deliverer.

He uses ALL THINGS for the GOOD of those who love Him:)

I often walk away from serving (when my motivation is pure) feeling WAY MORE poured into, than I “poured out.”

That is just how GOOD our God LOVES us! He blesses us beyond measure, when we simply obey.

I need to be reminded of this daily. ESPECIALLY  when I’m called to serve in ways my human emotions want to avoid!

Again, I thank Beth…who has a gift for extending visual truth to this visual learner! God bless you in your obedience ❤️

Let’s do some cookin’ !

Bless you Sister!



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