There is always a NEW day with Gesso:)

I like to create the cover of my Bible. It’s so fun to dig in with limiteless  possibilities of mixed mediums-building layers of expression. Creating something that is personal, and calls to you…invites you to open up the pages and DWELL.

But sooner or later (like a dress that was once all the rage) I have an itch to change it:)

That is why I choose “paintable covers. I had previously purchased a plain black non-leather cover for that very reason, but then along came the first “pretty” ESV bibles with their pretty floral fronts and I bought one.

After you spend a lot of time studying and journaling in your Bible, you certainly don’t want to set it aside for another. It’s full of precious moments when God’s Word and His heart came alive in you, and you recorded it.


It was bound to happen, that little voice in my head…

Well, I wonder if I can just paint over that?!

Yes, I can:)

So, if you were thinking the same thing….

Gesso, Gesso, Gesso!!


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