Free “Journaling in the Margin” printable:)

Happy Thursday!

I’m so blessed by all you readers and fellow Sisters seeking the Lord through creative journaling!

I’m so “drawn” to these verses from Colossians (3:15-17) A sweet friend shared this passage with our Bible Study Leadership team recently as an encouragement for us to overcome our fear of not measuring up… (thank you Susan!)

We are ONE BODY…all important in the unique role we play. When Christ “rules our heart” there is no room for fear and doubt…all we have is love for one another!

Below you will find the free printable page for these verses.

Print these out on card stock and cut them into 7 x 1.5  inch strips that will fit right into the margin of our Bible!

Print one 8.5 x 11 sheet and cut it into 2…one for YOU and one for a friend!

I have left the PDF file black and white so you can color them in:)


If you’d rather, you can trace them through your bible page:)

Click here for the PDF / then click on the title that come up:)

Let His peace rule your heart and live as ONE body…doing all things in the name of the Lord!


4 thoughts on “Free “Journaling in the Margin” printable:)

  1. thank you so much for your sweet prayer for Florida… son is in Naples and it is worse than you can imagine…no power, spotty cell service, hot, no water, raining now…no food(stores are not open)……looting and dangereous situations…so thank you….his family came up to alabama to stay with me but they went back yesterday….had car trouble and had to be towed and haven’t heard from them since….

    1. Yes Sally! So many are in such challenging circumstances! My family has several properties on Marco Island and we are thankful our relatives were able to leave! Continuing to pray for those still suffering! Love to you and your family!

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