Year of the Word


I’ve missed you:)

I haven’t posted in quite awhile…for many reasons really…but the primary reason is…

The Lord has been prompting me to step away from too much “alone time” and back into more intentional discipling.

I’m not sure if it is His Will for me to step away from my blog completely, but the intense time it takes to write and develop art along with step by step doodles has definitely pulled me away from what I feel the Lord has purposed me for…encouraging others in their faith…up close and personal.

Like all of you, I also have many other responsibilities in caring for my family and extended family, church work, etc. Life is a balancing act, and one we me must constantly go to the Lord to for direction.

I hope to continue with my blog, praying about what that might look like.

For now, I want those of you who take the precious time to read my heart here at 1 Arthouse to know how much I value you, appreciate your time, YOUR heart and your life! It is for you that I post. Anything I have to give, I do out of gratitude for this life the Lord rescued. I want the same for you. I desire His best for you.

My church is taking this NEW year to start at the beginning of God’s Word and read His book of life from cover to cover.

We are using the app READ SCRIPTURE. It comes with great tools and videos that introduce each book as you go. You can find it HERE

I had a sweet instagram friend ask me for a print out for the art below. Hope it is something you will all enjoy!

Click on the image below / it will take you to the pdf in my Dropbox




til next time:)




22 thoughts on “Year of the Word

  1. Sue, I will miss your artwork but I am always excited when God calls a sister into a new area of ministry! You be faithful to obey Him and follow HIS lead and I can’t wait to see where HE takes you next! I appreciate all you have done!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. My church is reading through the Bible this year too! We are using the 4+1 plan. I’m going to try and journal one day a week–and you provided me with the perfect idea.

    1. LOVE hearing about others reading through the Bible this year!!! Let’s spur each other on! So glad I could help! Xo

  3. My church is also doing a year long study through the bible and I just read through Genesis. I can never remember on which day God created sea, animals, etc….but what a blessing, you have drawn it out! I am a visual learner so thanks so much for sharing your talent!
    Totally understand you not posting as much…we all have so many jobs and people pulling at us, it takes a mature Christian to let go and let God do the leading. Thanks again for sharing your encouraging thoughts!

  4. ok. I have downloaded it….I do hope you will be giving us some journaling….you are wonderful and so helpful…thank you sweet friend.

  5. I have just discovered you…so encourage you to continue:). I too am following this app to read thru the Bible with our church.

  6. Love all of your work and it is good to hear from you! Blessings to you in the New Year. Whatever He calls you to do, you will be awesome!

  7. Blessings sweet sister! Listening (and following!) God’s promptings will never steer you in the wrong direction 🙂 may your endeavors enrich you and others!

  8. Thank you for sharing your heart and letting us know where you’re at! It’s OK if God is leading you elsewhere, and leading you to close your blog or even write in it once a year! You still touch hearts and lives! He will show you what He wants you to do! Like you said life is a balancing act, and it’s difficult to balance sometimes! Charles Stanley says “sometimes we won’t know exactly what to do. But there are only two possible directions–we either go our way or God’s way. If we want to live in a manner that pleases the Lord and brings His blessings, we must learn how to follow God’s path instead of forging ahead on our own.” Maybe He’ll lead you to only post pics of what you journal, but whatever you decide He’s leading you to do, it’s OK! I’m praying for you! Thank you for sharing all your beautiful artwork!

    1. Vicki, what a kind and thoughtful post you shared with me. Thank you so much! Such a timely encouragement for me! What a blessing! Much love to you Sister!

  9. You have been greatly missed. I LOVE your blog and appreciate all the things you have shared. It will be exciting to see what The Lord wants you to do next. You are a wonderful example for all of us, to seek Him first.

  10. Xo Mary. Thank you also for such a sweet encouragement! I sure don’t often get it right, but my heart is to follow ❤️ Bless you!

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