Well, here we are…in Leviticus!

Oh, my…so much to take in! Very thankful for the great folks at READ SCRIPTURE APP for illustrating and simplifying our reading! Broken down it looks like this….

Click on the image above for the pdf 🙂

Hope this is a help to you!


2 thoughts on “Leviticus

  1. Sue, I just wanted to express how blessed I am with your scriptures and drawings! I know what a hard year you have had and you have been a wonderful example to me, helping me to remember to draw strength from our Father. Some time ago I wrote to you because we were going through a hardship with my mama and you drew a picture for me. Your kindness, your talent, your commitment to the Lord, your servant’s heart is in no way lost…you ARE helping to build God’s kingdom here on earth with your ministry. We lost my mother this past spring and through that experience I have done a lot of crying out to the Lord. The grief and circumstances were very challenging for my faith and was a real test. But, as you keep reminding us all our Father’s shoulders are big enough to carry any burdens if we just give that to him and his love is big, and wide, and deep enough to wait patiently until we figure these out these bumps in life. During all that was with mama I fell into the trap of trying to handle tooo much on my own and now that I have worked through most of that God has blessed me with a renewed zeal for him and his word. I am so excited about your “reading through the bible” drawings. They are just another blessing that God is heaping upon me. Years ago, as a Lenten commitment a friend and I spent the year reading through the bible…i have since brought out those notes and words the Lord gave me.. So many promises, so many tender words, so much LOVE! Again, i just wanted to encourage you and say thank you for all that you do in the name of our Lord!

    1. Oh, Trina….you are the sweetest! What a great encouragement you are to me:) Thank you! I’m so sorry for your grief…How well our Lord knows this emotion. You are not alone in the tendency to carry your own burdens…it is a daily struggle for us all! I am grateful to know, that even when we do, when we come to the end of ourselves, our Good Father is waiting to pick us up! How good that He has given you His perspective! How wonderful that you have recorded your journey through the whole Bible! God is surely continuing to bless you through your obedience!!! Maybe you will share some of the insight the Lord has revealed to you as I post throughout the year!! Bless you sweet Sister! Much love! Xo

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