Seamless Study Review Sheets

Hello Friends!

We have a few weeks remaining in our (my church) Women’s Winter Bible Study Session SEAMLESS. Recently, Angie (Smith, the author of the study) shared that she grew up in my home town. (I didnt’ know that!) She actually attended the same school I did…but, MUCH later! Hahahahaha.

I can’t begin to tell you how much the ladies at my church have LOVED this study! Some even sharing that it is the BEST study they have ever done:)

I think one of the reasons for this, is the common stumbling block we all share. The Bible is a BIG book! It is a LONG story with incredible detail and most of us have spent time reading separate books within scripture, without ever understanding the WHOLE story and how those books fit together to tell one story…. a LOVE story.

If you are considering studying SEAMLESS  I assure you, you won’t  be disappointed!

I have created some study sheets using the icons Angie provides in her book, to help us with a visual reminder of each section of the Bible. These icons have been so GREAT, and are right up “my alley” in the journaling process of creating a visual reminder of God’s truth.

Click on the image below for the COVER PAGE

Click on the link below for the content pages.

(If you print the content separately from the cover sheet, you can print them front and back)

Seamless Review Sheet/ Content pages

Just thought I’d share:)






2 thoughts on “Seamless Study Review Sheets

  1. These are amazing! Thank you SO MUCH for making them. We are getting ready to take our teen girls through this study (my hubby is our student pastor), and obviously all of them won’t purchase and/or do the study. I’ve been trying to put together a consolidated review sheet for them and this is perfect!!!! I’ve also considered doing flash cards (like 6”x6” or something like that) of the images to hang as a timeline and to use to teach my toddler.😂 How did you find the images to use for this sheet?

    1. Hi Bri! Thanks! So glad you like them and can use them! LOVE that you are doing Seamless with your kids! I drew the images…they are pretty close to the icons used in the book:) What a GREAT opportunity for these kids! Xo

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