Checking in ❤️

Hello and a BIG welcome to those of you who are new to my blog! It is such a gift to be able to connect with Sisters in Christ from all over the world! I never dreamed it possible!

I have been a busy girl finishing up a morning and evening Bible Study SEAMLESS (by Angie Smith), and hosting Jennie Allen for our annual Women’s Conference! I’m a bit behind in my journaling through the Bible in a year!

I have continued to read (we are in Judges), using the READ SCRIPTURE APP, but need to put my “thoughts” down in pictures:)

Currently, I am preparing for an upcoming 6 week Bible Journaling study using the READ SCRIPTURE APP. I will be sure to share with you, some of the material I create for it!

Below you will find a free printable for a bookmark a Sister out there requested. Her church is gearing up for their women’s conference! I am ALWAYS happy to support the work you are all doing as you love and serve in your communities! ❤

This is from one of my FAVORITE Chapters…Ephesians 1.

Happy Monday!!








4 thoughts on “Checking in ❤️

  1. Just found your site. Looks great! So am I understanding these doodle art pictures such as the creation one with numbers which is SO good, are free to copy & use for personal use? Thanks! Lori Cantelo

  2. I love your work, the inspiration you share, and instructions for creating simple “doodles” for Bible illustrating! Do you have (for lack of a better term) lesson plans for the Bible Journaling classes you have taught? We have recently started one up at our church, and it would be nice to have more resources. Thanks! Colleen Rigel

    1. Hi Colleen! Thanks for reaching out! Many like to print off the Doodle 101’s available here as a teaching tool for creating visuals that connect with God’s word. Please feel free to print anything here for your church! I am currently posting class work/instruction from a Bible Journaling Study I am teaching at my home church. Feel free to follow along, or use in anyway that is helpful! Bless you!

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