Happy Tuesday!

A special welcome if you are new here! It’s an honor and a privilege to connect with so many Sisters in Christ ❤

Today, I’m beginning with a bit of a confession…

Lately, I have been “focusing” on improving my watercolor techniques. I am a self taught doodler, with no formal art training. (Other than freshman high school art! Thank you Ms. Marsh!) I have so much to learn!

Yesterday, after spending several hours working with watercolor, (twice the time I spent with God) a twitter post from Lysa TerKeurst came across my iPad screen.

A good heart check for today: Whatever is holding our attention the most is what we’re truly worshipping.” -Lysa Terkeurst

OUCH! The Holy Spirit grabbed my attention in that moment, and caused me to evaluate my time management, which was quite telling of my focus & my heart.

So, I quit what I was working on, and got back to the business of prayer and study.

Later last night, I went to find that quote. It was still “on my heart” and I wanted to create a visual to remember it!

I have a twitter account, but I don’t really use it. I am so technically challenged, that I don’t even know why her tweet came across my screen?!!! 😂

ANYWAY, I was searching google for her twitter feed from yesterday, and the quote below came up from a few years ago…

Wherever we focus our attention the most, will become the driving force in our lives.” -Lysa TerKeurst

Well, that was right on point too! God, are you trying to tell me something?!

I think so.

I LOVE creating. I could sit and draw, paint, doodle…all day long. That is a misuse of the precious time the Lord has given me to share of His glory and fulfill the purpose He has made me for….I need to listen to the Holy Spirit regarding balance in my life.


I finished this visual today and thought I would share it with all of you!

Hope becomes a visual reminder for you as well…






Bless you & your time with the Lord,


6 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Your art blesses so many of us, that it is not idle doodling simply for YOUR pleasure. I have used your drawings with art students at a Christian School, because I love the way you break down the doodles. That is also so helpful for me as a self-taught Bible artist. I have shared them with my older women’s Bible study because they aren’t afraid to draw when you break down the picture. I understand Lysa’s quotes. I’m glad you brought those up as I will also use them to rearrange my priorities, partly to focus more on reading my Bible and doing art. Thanks so much also for telling us about the Read Scripture app and sharing your doodles as you go. That has really helped me read the Bible this year.

    1. Bless you Sara! Thank you for taking the time to share your heart with me!! It is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL to hear that you use my doodles at schools and with Bible study ladies! This is the reason I post, and you have greatly encouraged me! My post yesterday, was about balance. I can sometimes let the art take a first seat. I am so thankful that the Lord has allowed me to connect with special Sisters like you! May the Lord bless your ministry as you serve others!! Xoxoxoxo

  2. Love ❤️ I am enjoying this doodling process you teach us of working with scripture. I find I am saying the verse over and over as I draw and it helps me remember it.

  3. I absolutely understand what you are saying, BUT I feel that I am in complete worship with Christ as I work to improve the gifts He has given to me, with my brush or my pencil in my hand. I feel my art is my ministry….long story about that…but I have the ability to witness and to share my love of Christ through my art. I am able to reach people that my words could never reach…just sharing a thought. Bless you in your ministry.

    1. Romaland….so glad to hear of your ministry through art! What a joy it is to use your gifts to glorify God!!! We share the same passion, and I couldn’t agree more sweet Sister! My post yesterday was more about balance. There are days when I can let the art take the front seat:) Thank you so much for taking the time to share your heart with me! I appreciate it more than I can say. Bless you!

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