Experiencing God’s Best In The New Year

It’s a Tony Evans week! (Bet you’ve noticed!)

I have to admit, I’ve been feeling a bit like a fish out of water. My husband and I (We are empty nesters😬) have recently left the church we attended for 12+ years. I was deeply rooted in women’s ministry and loved the TRIBE I have been a part of for all these years.

We all know that there is no perfect church—->they are filled with imperfect people…and I am the first to admit my failings. We have been extremely intentional about “sticking with” our imperfect family and have weathered our fair share of storms. But I’ve (we’ve) run ashore this time, and I find myself flopping about on the sand, yearning for the community of Sisters in Christ.

We are not “church hoppers” but church *gophers 😂 and yet, here we are…without a home. (*dig in deep, provide a place to see a way out)

This message from Dr. Tony Evans ministered to my soul and encouraged me that I am to use what I have were I am.

Those of you who have been following me, know I’m not a very consistent
“poster” so the increased time I have (due to less responsibility) has allowed me to use these little fingers to post more often. (Like, almost every day🤪)

WHICH…brings me to today’s lesson, brought to us through the ministry of Tony Evans.

God has purpose for us every day, and He has already graciously provided us with the means to achieve it.

Moses had a stick. David had a sling shot. Shamgar had an oxgoad.

I have my ipad and my pencil 😊

What do you have?

The first critical step is this: Knowing whose VOICE we are listening to…God provides all the rest. FAR beyond what we could hope for or imagine.

Start where you’re at. Trust God for direction and provision. Learn to use what you have, so that when the 600 come, you are ready to use what God has already given ——->for VICTORY.

You don’t need much!

1 seed produces 1 Stalk of Wheat. 1 Stalk of Wheat contains 3 heads which house 15-35 kernels. Those kernels produce close to 100 which will then become 1 million!

What do you already have that you can use to serve God and others TODAY?

Much love,

3 thoughts on “Experiencing God’s Best In The New Year

  1. Thanks for sharing and the encouragement, Sue. Patience can be difficult to utilize, but when we are patient we are blessed abundantly….speaking to myself as well, sister =)

    1. Savana, thank you for such a sweet reminder of truth! I appreciate your thoughtfulness and encouragement!!! You have blessed me❤️

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