A Few New Doodle 101’s

It’s been so nice to hear from several of you out there! Thank you for taking the time to write, I appreciate your thoughtfulness so much!

It’s encouraging to know that there are so many Sister’s out there creatively studying God’s Word! At times I can allow the enemy to sneak in a jab… he whispers that what I’m doing here is not important or helpful. I know that this is not truth…it comes from the father of lies.

In this climate of unrest, the world needs more LOVE, not hate. Let’s band together in His name…hunker down, and look to the Lord as our source of help, strength, comfort, perseverance, patience, compassion, self-control, forgiveness and love! Each day is a challenge that can only be met with accomplishment through the One who gives us life. Any small part I can play in encouraging others to abide in Him, is fruitful ❤️

Here are a few new Doodle Pages for you! (You can also find these, and more, by clicking on Doodle 101’s Pdf Files in the menu)

“Dig” into truth, and build your house on a firm foundation so that you can be filled with life (and light) and extend it to this hurting world.

7 thoughts on “A Few New Doodle 101’s

  1. Picked up my phone for a minute while waiting for my breakfast and was so excited to see you on my email. I’ve missed you and your encouragement though your words and art. Praying you are well, as well as your family. I’m studying Life Ways study in Jude. So good. May God richly bless you today. 🙏❤🙏

    1. So very nice to hear from you Alexis! What a joy for me to know you are encouraged! Thank you for taking the time to reach out! I have not done a study on Jude, but I’d like to! Thanks for the recommendation!! And for your kind words! God Bless you Sister! ❤️🥰🥰

  2. Sue,
    As always, I appreciate how you give us fantastic doodles to incorporate into our doodle devotions. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your work!
    God IS using you!
    Denise 🥰

  3. Sue, Thank you for sharing your gifts with the rest of us. It’s fun to see the ideas you have for a verse. Thank you again, Walking with Him, Mary


    1. Hi Mary! I so enjoy hearing from other Sisters in Christ❤️ …makes my week!!! It’s an encouragement to know if the many women dedicated to studying Gods Word! Keep walking that walk! Bless you!

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