10 thoughts on “Doodle 101 Salt

  1. Sue, I’m really enjoying these tutorials….and the fun fact was so neat to read! Thanks for all you do to keep me (us) in the Word and adding a spark of creativity to keep us inspired!  Blessings,Brecken

  2. Hey Sue,Thank you for these new doodles! Just a tip: Use sea salt or Himalayan salt, and you’ll not only be giving your taste buds a treat, but your body a favor with all the minerals these salts have. Blessings,Nancy

  3. I am thankful Sue for the God given gifts that you share with us, they do inspire us , all of us I am certain to keep the faith and remain anchored to our savior. May God continue to bless you and keep you and your’s, during these trying times…yet no matter what happens we know Who is in control, and praise God our victory has already been secured !!!!

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