Checking in with a few Doodles:)


Hope you are well! Those of you who follow my blog, know that I have stepped away a bit to dig into what God has placed before me…His people.

I continue to study and Doodle, and work through the Bible in a Year. (See previous post here.)

Today I am posting a few Doodle 101’s from more recent days! (They reflect what I’m studying right now! “Finding I Am” by Lysa TerKeurst)



Much love to you,

Just some doodles:)

Hi again!

I have a sweet online friend/artist, that asked if I could make these doodles available for use in a Bible.

Deirdre…here you go! ( I added a few more to fill up the page!) ❤

CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE FOR THE PDF. Feel free to trace in your Bibles! If you post your beautiful work, please share my blog or Instagram account 😘 Thank you!



Doodle 101 / FREE LOVE

Let’s give it away this weekend!!! xoxoxoxoxoxxo


Going to our FAMILY FARM this weekend.  It’s an annual event:)

Here’s a little Doodle before I go:)

Be Safe, and give out lots of love this 4th!


Bless you,


Found Inspiration

I just returned from Chicago, after attending 3 inspiring days at CREATE…a mixed media retreat.  Oh, how I wished I could have participated in every class offered!  The jaw dropping talent and innovative artists gathered were like a smorgasbord of every mouth watering mixed media imaginable.  I can’t wait til next year!

Below is one class project from “Urban Art & Distressing” by KenT Youngstrom.  Check out some of his work here.


Worry not

Worry is something we all do…it’s the act of placing all our hopes in what we can control and the fear of what we cannot.  Placing our worry and fear at the foot of the cross frees us up to live in peace with confidence that our Father has much greater plans than we can imagine with our limited view.  I often pray to see with His eyes and to love with His heart…having a more eternal perspective on earthly things.  I must remind myself of these things daily.

God can free us from our worry