Doodle 101 / Whose Birthday is it Anyway?


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A favorite story I like to tell to my “kids” at church is this…

There once was a boy named Billy.  He was SOOOO excited for his birthday party and invited all of his friends from school.

The day of the party arrived, and Billy sat by his front window, waiting with great anticipation.

One by one, each of his friends walked towards his house with a beautifully wrapped gift…but as he waited to greet them, the doorbell never rang.

Puzzled, he ran back to the window to find that each of his friends walked right by his house, without stopping to even glance his way.

Where were they going? Why did they carry a gift if not for him?

Billy sat an waited all afternoon, but not one friend came to celebrate his birthday with him. He realized that it wasn’t the gifts he didn’t receive that made him sad, it was watching his friends pass by his house without even a thought…that broke his heart.

This Christmas…Whose Birthday is it anyway? Might Jesus feel like Billy, as He watches us celebrate with each other without even glancing His way?

Celebrate Jesus Birthday this Christmas.

Give Him EVERY glance…

in the way that you share

in the way that you serve

love others in His name

extend the gift He gave to you:)

I had buttons made for all our “kid’s church” leaders to wear, and I get them out and put one on to this day!  I am always in need of this reminder!



Bless you,



Doodle101 Joy Ornament


A Doodle a day keeps the blues away:)  Well, not really…only the “JOY of the LoRd” can do that!

Welcome new followers!!

Thinking you might be here because you too are a doodler.  Thanks for joining me!

It really is a joy and privilege to meet together and share the love of Christ.

Have a great weekend y’all!



Still on a big learning curve:)

Doodle101snowmanrevised/Sue Carroll

I know it’s rather silly, but I’m a girl who loves the details!  In trying to master my new toy (wacom tablet) there are many things I want to do, and can’t…and things I don’t want to do, and do!  (reminds me of a guy named Paul:) )  Anyway, I wanted to add white to the black heart and had problems figuring out the “layers.”  As my husband suggests, I am a dog with a bone, and I couldn’t leave it alone!  It’s the little victories ladies:)

Happy Thursday!

Doodle 101 / SNoWmaN


I’m home along, listening to Laura Story…just had to stop what I was doing and stand up with arms lifted high…singing to the only one who could hear me! (well, me & Mr. Snowman)

“Take all of my life, all of my life, and make something beautiful. Open my hand, trusting your plan -so that all will see your work in me…make something beautiful!”

-from “Make Something Beautiful” by Laura Story

I love that even if  we are too rebellious, sinful, and full of pride

EVEN THE ROCKS will cry out His name!

Let’s not let a bunch of rocks show us up:)




My desire is to be intentional, daily, to remember that this “HOLIDAY” season is not about shopping, parties, decorations, and elves on a shelf…it is about the ONE who came in LOVE to save.

I am thankful for sisters in Christ, who provide help in being rise above the earthly “bent” of “Holiday Celebrations”

Jennie Allen and her band of sisters, provide a great resource to start each day in preparation of the coming of our King…our Savior…the One who now sits at the Right hand of God, interceding on our behalf.  I love this prayer below, taken from IF EQUIP’s  December 3rd Advent post.

Advent = Arival:)

O God of all the prophets, 
you herald the coming of the Son of Man 
by wondrous signs in the heavens and on the earth. 
Guard our hearts from despair so that we, 
in the company of the faithful 
and by the power of your Holy Spirit, 
may be found ready to raise our heads 
at the coming near of our redemption, 
the day of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Praying for us each to keep our focus on the One…that instead of looking down, or in, we raise our heads to look up….to see the Fulness of His Glory- rooted in the GREAT Love of Christ.

Bless You!PM:signature*as a side note…

my husband calls me a “scrapper”

a dog with a bone

I am soooooo technically challenged, and I scratch and claw my way through to figure out ways to improve my blog appearance and how to better post images…

You would laugh if you saw my current process of using my phone to take photos and then sending them to by email…downloading and then using pic monkey to try and lighten them enough to see…I am in SUCH a PROCESS of learning…trying to figure things out on my own.   I have watched countless tutorials on Illustrator, Pixelmator, etc. Oh, how I wish I had taken courses in graphic design:)

Today, I just realized that when I go to my downloaded image I can actually use a magic wand within my computer’s image tools to take away the background.  It’s still not clean, it’s missing my shading,  but no gray background! hahahaha….hope you got a laugh today:)