Copic Doodled Photo Block Tutorial

June with Annabelle June…a photo block tutorial

Copic Doodled Photo Block Tutorial
Copic Doodled Photo Block Tutorial

It all started with some doodles using Copic alcohol markers and Faber Castell multi liners.Copic Doodled Photo Block

Copic Doodled Photo Block

Copic Doodled Photo Block

All Doodles pieces were cut out and ready to add to the Wood Block.

Copic Doodled Photo BlockThis is a Wood block purchased from Michaels. ( 7″ x 3 1/2″)

I Painted it with Gesso, and then added scrapbook paper.

Copic Doodled Photo Block

Next, I printed photos (in mini sizes) on white card stock using my home printer.  I next stitched them on to cream colored burlap with my sewing machine.

Finally, glued them all in place using matte multi-medium.

Copic Doodled Photo Block

Copic Doodled Photo Block

Copic Doodled Photo Block

Copic Doodled Photo Block

Mixed Media Mini Canvas

As a parent and Children’s Ministry worker, I seek advice from the best parenting book there is…The Bible:)  Deuteronomy 6 is full of encouragement and wisdom…This was the inspiration for this mini canvas.

Mixed Media Mini Canvas

I started with a plain mini canvas sold in a pack of 6 at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

I used modeling paste and a stencil to create the “diamond” background.

Next, I added color with both Distress Paint (“peeled paint”) & a similar shade in a Pan Pastel…finished with Distress ink pad in walnut stain.

I used the same walnut stain to color the mini clothes pins.

Mixed Media Mini Canvas

I cut the charm background out of a vintage Bible Story Book for Children, sealed with Glossy Accents by Ranger.

Deuteronomy 6:4-9

 Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love theLord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.

Christmas Ornament Ribbon Project…RIBBON : more than just a “finishing touch”

Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touch

I LOVE ribbon…I have since I was a little girl…carefully choosing just the right grosgrain to highlight my ponytails and match my coordinating outfit or cheerleading uniform:)

Not to mention the tying up of gifts. I am a gift giver…I love to search out special surprises for the people I love…and one of my favorite parts of the giving is taking the time to wrap it beautifully…hoping to catch the fancy of the receiver before they even see what’s inside….and of course, the crowning glory of the wrapping…the finishing touch…you guessed it…ribbon:)

As I have mentioned before, I collect it. I have spools, and reels, and drawers full…and now that I have found a spectacular source for all things ribbon (May Arts) I have decided to create a project using primarily RIBBON.

It will be MORE than just the FINISHING TOUCH…it will be the MAIN ATTRACTION.

I can’t help it…I’m already thinking about Christmas. I don’t often get a jump start on my homemade gifts, but this year will be different!


Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touch

Here’s how…

Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touch

Start with BEAUTIFUL May Arts Ribbons!

Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touch

& 3 X 3 mini canvases. These come in a 6 pack, (Black or White)

I found them at Michaels.

Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touchNext, draw an ornament “pattern” using a circle that is about 2 1/2 inches in Diameter. I used a bottle of Gesso I had sitting on my table. Then, trace the pattern on card stock and cut each one out.

Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touch

Next, use adhesive (I used my ATG gun because it is less messy and fast.) You will later stitch on top of all the ribbon, so don’t worry too much about getting the ribbon completely secure. It will be later.

*note: the tape will accumulate on the sewing machine needle, so I kept a baby wipe on hand to occasionally wipe the excess off my needle. Really not a big deal.

Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touchOnce you lay each ribbon across the card stock ornament, flip it over and carefully cut off the excess.

Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touchI used a lighter & very lightly “tapped” all the way around the ornament, touching the flame to the ribbon to “seal” the ends and prevent fraying.

Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touchNext, stitch around each ornament several times. I like to add a little detail to the tops, mimicking the way a real ornament has a metal “hanger top.”

Don’t worry about being super precise. I like them to look a little “wonky.” The thread adds texture and character:)


They all have a really nice “weight” to them along with a beautiful “sheen.”

Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touchHere is a group with finished stitching. I decided to add another shape…it reminds me of the vintage ornaments from my childhood. (I guess that make me vintage as well)

Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touchTime for the Stamped charms.

I purchased this stamping set at the hardware store for $9.00. You can find them online if you’re interested here.

I found the “blank” charms on sale at Hobby Lobby, ranging from a set of 3 for $1.29 – a set of 6 for $1.99.

Once you stamp each letter, “color” the letters by rubbing a black sharpie over them and then rubbing off the excess with a baby wipe or rubbing alcohol.

The ink will help the letters stand out.

You could stamp names instead of sentiments for an extra special personalized gift!

Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touchFor this one, I cut out a section of a page from a vintage Christmas song book to use as a background for the ribbon ornament.

Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touch

After the stamped charm was glued in place, I attached the Ornament to the canvas. ( I used craft glue for both) I LOVE the super cool “burlap” twine tied onto the charm.

Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touch

This is what I used to make the holes for the twine hanger. It’s called a

Crop-A-Dile Eyelet Snap Setter Hole Punch

(Along with setting eyelets, this thing can punch holes in metal! It’s goes through the mini canvas like butter)

Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touch

I wanted to use a collection of the ornaments for a larger piece and I found this 5 X7 canvas at Hobby Lobby for 4.99. (If you use your 40% off coupon it’s around $3, yay!)

Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touch

Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touch

I glued each ornament onto the canvas with craft glue, sketched around them with a Pitt multi liner, and then painted “Christmas 2013” on a Red Grosgrain ribbon that I “sealed” by lightly burning the edges.

Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touch

The above white doodles are done with a Uni-ball Signo and can be found here.

Ribbon Project : more than just a finishing touch

I really like how these turned out. I especially liked doing a project where the RIBBON was the STAR. I hope you have gained some inspiration to create ornaments at home with your own personal touch! These wouldn’t be the same without the beautiful selection of ribbon from


Glitter Paste : Great product in my first Frog Dog Kit

Before leaving for a fun filled family vacation to Beautiful Glacier National Park in Montana, I dug my fingers into a new product!  I loved playing with Glitter Paste…found in my first Mixed Media Kit from Frog Dog.

Glitter Paste : Great Mixed Media Product in Frog Dog's July KitBecause I had limited time, (getting ready for our trip) I used a background that had already been started.  I added a strip of vintage book paper that I had cut out for another project.  I painted a “doodle” flower from another piece (I often photo copy original drawings and use in more than one project) with Twinkling H2O’s, and then added a bit of Glitter Paste on top. (Unfortunately, you can’t see the detail in this photo)

Glitter Paste : New Product in July Kit from Frog Dog
Glitter Paste : New Product in July Kit from Frog Dog

I built up the “cloud” with thick Gesso, and then layered the Glitter paste on top.

Glitter Paste : Great Mixed Media Product in Frog Dog's July KitI can’t wait to incorporate this fun new product into my July Frog Dog tutorials next week!

If you are interested in Mixed Media, please hop over to Frog Dog to see what great kits they offer that include a months worth of GREAT instruction on new products!!

“Grab Some Stash & Go”

I often create something out of the need to just be:)  Some go for a run, others go for a drive or watch TV…I like to do something creative with my hands in paint…So, last night I picked over my “stash piles” collecting a few odds and ends that caught my eye and began to put them together.

Including: a spool of 99 cent paper studio ribbon, some cut up pieces of an old “background” page, a left over strip of old music that I had punched squares out of from another project, some added string & a small canvas painted with black gesso.

At this point I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but I began to think of what I was processing that night.

I meet with High School girls in the hope that I can be an encouragement that I didn’t have when I was that age…to speak truth in love, and provide a safe place for girls to “talk through” the difficulties of life…the joys, the sorrows…the lies they believe…

The world tells them so many lies

“You have to look this way”, “You have to buy this”, “You have to have a boyfriend”, “You have to act happy, even when you’re not”, “If you just do _____, then you’ll be happy”, “Everyone else is better than you”, “You’ll never be as good as _____”, “If you please everyone, then they will accept you”, “You are what others say you are”

It’s no wonder our perspectives change.  Our view of ourselves, others and even God becomes so distorted.  This is true of many of us, no matter what age we are.

This quote was playing in my head.  So I went from there.

“The Reason We Struggle with Insecurity is Because We Compare Our Behind the Scenes with Everyone Else’s Highlight Reel.”

(I’m not sure who the author of this quote is…if you know, please share with me)

Grab Some Stash & Go

Ephesians 1 is one of my favorite Chapters in the New Testament.  It says that as believers we are already Loved, Accepted, Forgiven, & Redeemed. There isn’t anything else we have to do.  I pray that you will read this Chapter and find hope and encouragement today!

Grab Some Stash & Go

Grab Some Stash & GoI didn’t use everything I originally “grabbed…so, back in “the stash” they go:)

Mixed Media iphone Cover

Do you ever grow tired of your phone case?  Why not paint it?!!  I have painted the one I have 3 times now…instead of buying a new one:)

Start by prepping the case surface with a few coats of Gesso.

If you don’t have Gesso, use a left over indoor  primer. (We have cans of the stuff out in our garage)

Next, I used Matte Medium to adhere torn pieces of a vintage book.

(You can use Mod Podge if you have that on hand)

Mixed Media iphone Case

You can see around the “Apple” the paint that was there before, it was blue:)

I was never happy with the last “paint job”  The lettering didn’t turn out the way I wanted …it must have been the pens:)

After it’s good and dry (give it a few coats of the mod podge or matte medium) you can start drawing with permanent markers.  I used Copic (alcohol markers) but you could even use sharpies.


I outlined and “doodled” with a Faber Castell XS Black Multi liner. (available at Michaels, & Hobby Lobby) LOOK at how JUICY the Copic Markers are…the ink oozes out. “It’s the little things”

When you are finished coloring & doodling, take it outside (I use my garage, but my hubby gets a little testy when I forget to “cover” my spray area-Our garage is quite colorful.) and spray with an acrylic sealer.  I used a gloss, cause that’s what I had.

Mixed Media iphone CaseThe Book I used was an old Children’s Bible Story Book…I love it.  I know that for some of you (my English Professor Son in law) that’s criminal…ripping pages out of a book!  But, I say it’s better to be read and enjoyed on my phone than sitting dusty on a shelf in an antique store!
Mixed Media iphone Case

Mixed Media iphone Case Mixed Media iphone Case