Checking in ❤️

Hello and a BIG welcome to those of you who are new to my blog! It is such a gift to be able to connect with Sisters in Christ from all over the world! I never dreamed it possible!

I have been a busy girl finishing up a morning and evening Bible Study SEAMLESS (by Angie Smith), and hosting Jennie Allen for our annual Women’s Conference! I’m a bit behind in my journaling through the Bible in a year!

I have continued to read (we are in Judges), using the READ SCRIPTURE APP, but need to put my “thoughts” down in pictures:)

Currently, I am preparing for an upcoming 6 week Bible Journaling study using the READ SCRIPTURE APP. I will be sure to share with you, some of the material I create for it!

Below you will find a free printable for a bookmark a Sister out there requested. Her church is gearing up for their women’s conference! I am ALWAYS happy to support the work you are all doing as you love and serve in your communities! ❤

This is from one of my FAVORITE Chapters…Ephesians 1.

Happy Monday!!










I’m still wading in deep water as I read through the book of Numbers! I am so thankful for the amazing APP “READ SCRIPTURE”

If you are using it too, I encourage you to donate to this talented group of believers! All they do, they GIVE AWAY…FOR FREE! ❤

Thank you Bible Project!!!

Reminds me of this quote from “SAME DIFFERENT AS ME.”

HERE IS a highlight sheet, with the help of those great kids over at THE BIBLE PROJECT.

CLICK the image above for a pdf

Blessings to you on this Sabaath day.