Gelli Plate and Fresco Finish Paints…a match made in heaven:)


I feel like I say that every month, but Tina puts the most amazing products together!!!

This project utilizes the delicious

Paper Artsy Fresco Finish Paint (Beach Hut)

Stampendous n studio Stamp Set (wired)

Clearprint, 6X8 Clear Vellum Field Book


Prima Marketing Chalk Edger Ink (Pastel Peach)

The Clearprint Vellum Book made me think of Vellum Envelopes right away…

this was where my inspiration for the mini notes with envelopes began:)

I decided to try the Fresco paint on my Gelli Plate.  They are a match made in heaven:)

Squeeze out a small amount of paint, spritz with a little water and roll out on the

Gelli Plate using a brayer.

Lay a stencil down on top of the rolled out paint.  (At the time, I didn’t even realize the Stampendous n studio Stamp Set came with a 6 x 6 circle/dot stencil…same idea as the one used here)

The print you see above to the right, is the image created by laying the Vellum 

page on top of the stencil, on top of the “loaded” Gelli plate.

Not wanting to waste any paint, I flipped the stencil over (paint side down) onto another piece of Vellum and got the print below.

Below, I started the process again….dab of paint, spritz of water, roll with the brayer.

Press the stencil onto the Gelli Plate and then pull off…below is the imprint left.

I really like the transparent look of these Fresco Paints!

Next…Vellum on top.

Below is the print from this.

Again, I took the stencil from the Gelli Plate, and pressed it onto another piece of vellum.

(paint side down)

Below is that print.

So, now that I have some printed vellum ready, I drew the envelope pattern on each.

(a 6 x 6 stencil is the perfect size for this envelope pattern)

You can get the pattern here.

Trace the pattern with a pencil.

Once traced and cut, erase the pencil lines.


& glue the bottom using kraft glue or matte medium. (this is what I used)



For a little more detail, I used the very cool stamp (above) from our kit.

For the card to go inside the envelope, I DID use the circle/dot stencil that came with the

Stampendous n studio Stamp Set

I opened the Prima Marketing Chalk Edger Ink (peach) and stamped right over the stencil onto a piece of white card stock.  Then cut each card to measure “just a hair” over 2 1/2″ square.

I added some details with my Scarlet Lime Pen

Adding a bit more with the card stock cut out and stamped words on white.

On the back of the envelope flap I stamped, using a small section of the “wire circle” in the Stampendous n studio Set.

The texture on top of the peach card stock came from the “wire grid” stamp included in the

Stampendous n studio Set.

More projects to come with the rest of the GREAT products included in our May Kit!!!

Go to Frog Dog Studio and see what our team creates!

It’s a joy to share with you!!


Gelli Plate Printed Zippered Bag

Gelli Plate Printed Zippered Bag

So, I made another zippered bag…I need a lot of practice:)

With this one, I used my Gelli Plate to paint the fabric, once I had my outside pieces cut out.  (Muslin) I added a textile medium to the acrylic paints, and then heat seat them when dry.

The textile medium assures a soft finish, rather than a hard dried paint that can crack.  It is also washable.  I practiced on some scrap pieces of muslin first, trying to decide on the color and basic tools for the design.

The colors and prints are limitless with the Gelli Plate….

Gelli Plate Printed Zippered Bag

Gelli Plate Printed Zippered Bag

Gelli Plate Printed Zippered Bag

If you’d like to see the tutorial I used for this bag you can find it here!

The zipper was a little tricky for me, as a beginner, but I learned a little something each time.

Thanks Anna!!

Monday’s Journal Page

Gelli Plates are rather addictive…I really LOVE the way Distress Paint naturally moves on the plate creating pattern before you even “work it.”  I also like using just one color…especially when adding DOODLES:)

Distress Ink Gelli Plate Background

Distress Ink Gelli Plate Background

Distress Ink Gelli Plate BackgroundIf you’ve never worked with Distress Paints, I highly recommend them…