Just Keep Swimming! A Journal for recording the trail God leaves to lead us home

A very sweet friend of mine who is in the midst of terrible strife…told me about her connection with God’s provision and the shells He left for her on the beach.

The connection originated with Dory:)

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Dory was the inspiration for this 30 day Journal.

Just Keep Swimming is a 30 day Gratitude Journal designed to “Collect” and “Keep” a memorial of God’s provision in your life. In the movie “Finding Dory,” her parents leave a trail of shells to lead forgetful Dory back home. God does something similar for us. Though we can be like Dory, forgetting His sovereignty and authority in our lives, the Lord reminds us of His goodness and faithfulness as He provides our every need. Often, through unexpected blessings, He leads us Home. There are sections to record His daily provision, (shells) the story behind it, (God loves a GOOD STORY!) the Biblical Application along with room for specific prayers. If someday you loose your way, open your journal and remember where you’ve been and what God has done in your life. His Loving and Constant desire is to lead us HOME. Follow the Shells:)

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Just Keep Swimming!



“Grab Some Stash & Go”

I often create something out of the need to just be:)  Some go for a run, others go for a drive or watch TV…I like to do something creative with my hands in paint…So, last night I picked over my “stash piles” collecting a few odds and ends that caught my eye and began to put them together.

Including: a spool of 99 cent paper studio ribbon, some cut up pieces of an old “background” page, a left over strip of old music that I had punched squares out of from another project, some added string & a small canvas painted with black gesso.

At this point I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but I began to think of what I was processing that night.

I meet with High School girls in the hope that I can be an encouragement that I didn’t have when I was that age…to speak truth in love, and provide a safe place for girls to “talk through” the difficulties of life…the joys, the sorrows…the lies they believe…

The world tells them so many lies

“You have to look this way”, “You have to buy this”, “You have to have a boyfriend”, “You have to act happy, even when you’re not”, “If you just do _____, then you’ll be happy”, “Everyone else is better than you”, “You’ll never be as good as _____”, “If you please everyone, then they will accept you”, “You are what others say you are”

It’s no wonder our perspectives change.  Our view of ourselves, others and even God becomes so distorted.  This is true of many of us, no matter what age we are.

This quote was playing in my head.  So I went from there.

“The Reason We Struggle with Insecurity is Because We Compare Our Behind the Scenes with Everyone Else’s Highlight Reel.”

(I’m not sure who the author of this quote is…if you know, please share with me)

Grab Some Stash & Go

Ephesians 1 is one of my favorite Chapters in the New Testament.  It says that as believers we are already Loved, Accepted, Forgiven, & Redeemed. There isn’t anything else we have to do.  I pray that you will read this Chapter and find hope and encouragement today!

Grab Some Stash & Go

Grab Some Stash & GoI didn’t use everything I originally “grabbed…so, back in “the stash” they go:)

Doodle Inspirations…right outside:)

Doodle Inspiration Mini Journal
Doodle Inspiration Mini Journal

As we (my husband & I, our 4 kids, their spouses and one babygirl) get ready to head out on a trip to Montana, I am gathering my pencils, pens, markers, watercolors and paper. What a perfect opportunity to use the beautiful scenery God created there as inspiration for my Mini Doodle Notebook.  It’s the perfect size for travel.

I’m sure I’ll have some more doodle posts coming soon:)  What do you have outside your front door to doodle???!!