Quick Fun Project

I have been spending a bit of time, looking for projects you might enjoy. I found this cute bound journal and wanted to share it! Perfect for Spring!

The video tutorial I used for this WATERMELON JOURNAL is below. Jennifer, from “Sea Lemon” provides easy to follow videos on simple book binding. She is enjoyable to follow!

Click on the image for video

I think Jennifer does a great job with her step by steps! I will admit, the cut out wasn’t as easy for me, so I folded the cover directly and in half and cut it with scissors to straighten up my shape.

I also reinforced that edge by applying little pieces of torn washi tape. I like the way it looks, and it feels more finished and sturdy to me:)

I added washi to all the cover edges. Again, a little more sturdy.

The interior pages with print are cardstock. It’s all I had, and worked fine:)

It’s a fun one for 10-16 year olds who could do it solo:)

I loved this project and enjoy productive crafting during these times of quarantine.

Happy Monday!

Much love,

The Virtue Of Contentment Week 2

A Spring Bible Study Session that includes Bullet Journaling

( live study at Rivers Crossing Community Church, Ohio )

The Outline

WEEK 2 / The Virtue Of Contentment 

Small Group Discussion Outline


When we pray we can be honest with God and know that His response will not always be what we want, but it will be what we need. It is His grace (undeserved favor)  that is sufficient (enough) in all circumstances and His power that is made PERFECT in our weakness. Developing an intimate relationship with God yields contentment. 

2 Corinthians 12:8-10 

Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 10 That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in  persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Open Communication leads to intimacy

2 Corinthians 12:8-10 opens with Paul pleading to the Lord to take away his hardship (imprisonment, physical pain, ). Intimate relationship is dependent on honesty and trust. Without these, our relationship is not built on truth and is false. (John 15:15) 

-Do you speak your heart to the Lord or do you hold back…refraining from admitting thoughts and feelings to God. How does this behavior (withholding) harm earthly relationships? How might it affect your relationship with God? 

-Did you feel led to “reframe” prayer this week? (Aligning specific prayer requests with specific scripture/ intentionally praying God’s Word, His will)

-REFER to page 31 in the workbook. “Don’t shut God out. When you don’t understand the why, continue to spend time with the Lord so that He can soften your hear towards Him, allowing you to hear what He is saying. (We can’t always understand God’s actions but we can trust His heart.)

 (Pg. 32) “Unresolved conflict leaves residue that affects your vision and causes you to see yourself, others and even God with a distorted view,.” (Emotions can remain unchecked and will continue to lead a person to an action(s) based on something that may not be true.) 

Wrong thinking ( limited human thinking tainted with emotion ) VS. Righteous thinking (rooted in God’s love and truth, thinking with a mind like Christ / 1 Cor 2)

-How would you describe to a friend, the idea of praying according to God’s will?

(Knowing Scripture through the power of the Holy Spirit, praying God’s Word back to Him)

-What does God promise when we pray according to His Will ? (1 John 5:14)

-What are some of the reasons we have trouble hearing God? (Reception problems)

RECEPTION PROBLEMS: PG 36 -sin, unresolved conflict, lack of peace, unrepentant, need for Holiness through Christ.

(Isaiah 59:1-2/Matthew 5:23,24/ Hebrews 12:14)

(PG 37 ) When we jump a hurdle we could never get over in our own strength, we gain confidence in God’s faithfulness. We can know that when we TRUST Him, He will lift us above our circumstance (rise above what we are feeling beneath) to see with His perspective. God meets us in our obedience where we experience His presence and provision.

How would you explain “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”  How does this relate to contentment?

Contentment comes from our constant connection with God. Walking with Him moment by moment, day by day… “back to the garden.” 

Ephesians 6:18 “Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.”

Bullet Journal Exercises

Practicing His presence this week by: Inviting Him to join in all things, Improving Reception, & Reframing Prayer according to God’s Will.

INVITATION: intentional effort to invite the Lord to be a part of every activity
RECEPTION: improving reception (the ability to hear God’s voice) by making efforts to overcome the stumbling blocks that interrupt our ability to hear our Shepherd.

click above for the printable pdf
click on the link for printable pdf
Reframing Prayer / actively praying God’s Word / Will
click above for the printable pdf
Class practice project / Bullet Journal Tip In
Class practice project as a BIBLE ENTRY
Adding photos to your bullet journal:)

Practicing these exercises, recording the truth the Holy Spirit reveals, and ultimately Abiding in Christ (resting & relying on God’s authority and presence) will bring contentment to our lives and Glory to the Lord. Like all things, in order to excel, we must practice!

Next Week

Pulling out the root of pride:)

Til then,

A weekly PEEK into my Bible Journaling Class using the READ SCRIPTURE APP


Several weeks ago I menitoned that due to the Lord’s direction to concentrate more on one on one discipling and less on “blogging” I made the decision to limit my time online. I have to admit that even though I LOVE meeting one on one with women of all ages, I do also really like being a hermit. I enjoy being home…cooking, taking care of family, reading, studying, being STILL with the Lord and of course creating! (And sharing with all of you!!!)

It’s a tight rope we walk maintaining good balance in life, and if I’m being honest, I must confess that I’m often an “all or nothing” kind of girl. With that said, I must also confess that I’m in a constant “battle” for that balance. Most of you reading join me in a love for crafts…well, the enemy is the craftiest… with his own version of a glue gun and heat tool!  He leans in and manipulates our good work into something that can become an idol. (The very thing we “love”) This leads to pushing our agenda up front and center, without listening to the better plan and purpose our Father has for us.

I mention all this to explain my “seasons” of posting…they are not consistent, or neatly scheduled. One reason for this is that I repel numbers, schedules, and structure. (I can really drive my husband crazy!) I am most comfortable getting up each day to “wing it.” If the Lord whispers for me to change my plans mid stream…I usually welcome the change! It’s my hard wiring.

So, this is my awesome introduction to the next 6 weeks 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂☺😂🤣 a confession.

Many of you know that Jan 1st, I  joined my home church’s journey to READ THE BIBLE IN A YEAR using the READ SCRIPTURE APP. As I explained above, I’m not a consistent or scheduled blog poster…BUT, because I highly value all you sweet Sisters out there who take the time to read my ramblings and use my doodles, I thought I would try to include you all in a class I’m teaching for the next 6 weeks. I have continued to read and journal through this process of reading the Bible in a year, but I have not kept up here with posting about it.

I will pick up right where we are in our year of reading and share what we are working on in class along with any resources, videos, tutorials, etc. that I use “live.” (Feel free to give me a shout out if you have an questions along the way! )

If you don’t have the APP and want to join us, go to google play or the apple App Store and download it (for FREE) CLICK BELOW


Once on the APP make sure your SETTINGS are set like the example below:

I know it seems like you should be able to put in the START DATE using today’s date. BUT, if you want to have your days and readings follow the place we are CURRENTLY, you must enter the date JAN 1, 2018.

Once all your settings look like the pic above, when you scroll down in the app, the date will be correct for the current daily reading which happens to begin in 1 Kings.

I apologize for starting you a day late! You will have to do the reading from yesterday to catch up to the APRIL 5th reading which is 1 Kings 4-7. There are 3 chapters to read each day + 1 Psalm.

As I have mentioned here previously that this APP is so GREAT! The creative review videos included in the APP are enough of a reason to download! Go ahead….go get it…I’ll wait:)

Below is a sneak peak at the creative style they use if you need another nudge:)

We will be taking notes and journaling what we are reading/studying in a little something I created.

Because it is quite a lot of material to cover, I have included 7 pages (1 for each day of the week) to keep “bullet point” notes for each chapter you read. Within each weekly section I have also included 1-3,2,1 study sheet, a blank visual journaling page, and 1 page to record “Ah-Ha Moments.”

I break each day up by starting with the Wk/ Day / and scripture, then write, circle and highlight each Chapter number with a sentence or two / bullet points.

If you are not familiar with the 3,2,1 method of study (one that my sweet online friend Brecken Berning helped me develop!) I give an explanation of this in the journal I created.

Each week, I am teaching an “in class” project.

Below, is our project this week.

It begins with a lesson in Watercolor…practicing Paint to Water Ratio.

I did a short, very amateurish video to show the watercolor process. I did this one, to help the class get used to working with watercolor and to understand it’s “flow” properties…AND to grasp how to balance water to paint. You will find it below.


The above scripture is from the reading this week, and one that really “spoke” to me. Well, it was the Holy Spirit doing the talking:)

Sometimes, we simply need to change our posture to change our attitude and approach to the Lord. Like Solomon, when we simply take a posture of surrender…on our knees or with our hands lifted high…our mind & heart follow our body in surrender. While we are at it…following Solomon’s example of praise will bring us to a place where we meet with our God and He meets with us.

Sorry for the “side view” below…like I said, amateur! I was trying to fit the process into a narrow portrait frame:)

Once your watercolor dries, you can go in and pencil the simple cap letter words for the verse- 1 Kings 8:23, double the lines, then fill in the space with “hash marks” or any other fill you desire:) Go over pencil with pen….WAIT until the pen is dry…then erase pencil lines:)

Materials used:

Watercolor: Reeves student grade tube watercolor / personally, I most often use Koi, Sennelier, or Gansai Kurtake

Brush: Grumbacher #12 Round

Pens: Micron / #01, #005

If you are interested in purchasing the 3,2,1 Journal you can go to my etsy shop and find it there!





Quick little watercolor bookmark (process video)

Hello again!

I’m going to try and improve my tech abilities! As I learn, I’ll be posting some short process videos for your enjoyment! Hahaha!!!!

I apologize for the shadows and off camera moments! I lost my morning sun and had to work with the light I had:)



Watercolor: https://www.jetpens.com/Kuretake-Gansai-Tambi-Watercolor-Palette-24-Color-Set/pd/14863

Watercolor brush: https://www.jetpens.com/Silver-Brush-Black-Velvet-Voyage-Travel-Brush-Round-4/pd/21120


Mixed Media Journaling Page Tutorial using decorative napkins

Hi Sisters!

I have mentioned that I am teaching a Bible Journaling class at my home church and I thought I’d share a tutorial on a project we did in class using decorative napkins.

You can use napkins in a variety of ways, and if you adhere them with matte medium, or clear gesso, they will be semi-transparent…allowing you to see text underneath.

This is especially fun if you use them in your Bible! (A little more on that later)

Our class project was to use them as a background with mixed media layers on top.

Start with one piece of deli paper. (I buy deli paper at GFS / 500 sheets for about $5)

Read through the step by step process below before you start:)

1. Apply 1 coat of white gesso to your deli sheet with a foam brush.


2. After drying the gessoed page, separate the layers of your napkin by pulling off the backing. If you have a hard time finding a place to separate the napkin layers, tear a little off the corner to grab a starting point. Then, tear the top napkin layer into pieces. To apply them to the deli paper, brush the area  with matte medium or clear gesso, place the napkin piece on top, then carefully brush the top with more matte medium or gesso.

*Be careful brushing the top of the napkin, it can bunch or tear. If you have trouble with this, “pat” the matte medium on rather than “brush.”

3. With this “design” it is important to plan for the areas you will write a sentiment or verse. (Writing on top of the napkin can be a problem, due to the texture and random small “folds”) If you look in the photo above, I have planned for 2 spaces to be open for wording. (The middle left and bottom right)

4. After applying napkin pieces, then drying the page, apply a thin coat of white gesso or paint over the whole page, using a foam brush. Immediately wipe off some of the paint with a baby wipe, being careful not to rub to hard.

5. Wiping off some of the paint/gesso, will allow the flowers/color to come through, while providing a more muted background…allowing  the next layers to stand out.

6. Using a pencil, draw your flowers. I chose to draw some of them using the napkin flower centers as a starting point. I didn’t use the napkin flower centers for every one. You can erase pencil lines during this step, but be careful not to erase “back and forth.” I find that erasing in “one direction” (while keeping a “light hand”) helps prevent tears in the napkin. Once you are happy with flower placement, go over your pencil lines with a thin tipped micron pen.  Finish this step by erasing the remaining pencil lines.

7. Notice in the pic above that while the flower centers are the “same” the “doodle” flower I drew on top, is much different than the “natural” flower beneath.

8. In the pic above, I wanted you to see (for lack of a better way to say it) my “sloppy” lines. The first “penned” lines will disappear as I go over them later with a black watercolor pencil. Using a black pen for this step, helps me to see the flower lines a little easier. (You could skip this step, and go straight from pencil to watercolor pencil, but you won’t be able to erase your original graphite pencil lines without smearing your watercolor pencil) -make sense?

9. In the pic above, I wanted you to see a close-up of the watercolor pencil over the pen lines. Because you have added dimension and “body” to your deli sheet (with napkins and paint) in order for images to stand out, they must be a bit “weighty” to balance the page. Thin pen lines simply won’t show up very well on their own. The watercolor pencil lines can be left alone, or you can use a water brush to “activate” the color. Sometimes, I like to smear the watercolor pencil lines with my dry finger:)

10. Above is another pic to “confess” my sloppy sketching. I want you to feel FREE to be IMPERFECT through the process! It is the same for our lives…God continues to refine our “messy lines.” ❤️

11. Boy, I’m IMPERFECT & messy!!!

12. I’m showing a couple of things in the pic above. I “activated” all my black watercolor lines with water to give them a bit more depth. I “smeared” some of the center circle  lines into the bottom of each petal to add a bit of shading to the flower. You’ll notice that I also added some detail with a fine tip micron.  Acrylic paint was added  to my “open spaces” (Red and fuchsia) which will later have white lettering on top. (See below)

Finally, I “sketched” my wording in pencil, then went over the pencil with white paint using a round brush. I added scripture around the flowers using a 005 micron pen, and stenciled a few images. You could add more penned doodles, stamps or stickers:)

14. A few more tweaks and I stepped away:)

I add deli paper journaling pages to my bible using a product called zips. Adding washi tape to the outside edge gives the page a more finished look, and protects it from tearing.

You can find ZIPS here.

I need to hear this phrase daily…especially after I’ve decide to order my own day with me, me , me as the center of my focus…BUT REALLY SUE, WHAT DO I HAVE THAT IS NOT YOURS LORD????!!!!

Soooooo thankful the Lord is patient and kind…generous and faithful….slow to anger and constant in going after His LOST sheep.

Below is another example of napkin journaling. This time, using them in full color, as a focus rather than a background.

A few tips I’d like to share on using napkins in your Bible.

1. In a single layer, napkins are transparent once they are dry, if you apply them with clear gesso or matte medium.

2. If you double the napkin layer (laying one on top of the other) they will no longer be transparent:(

I learned this the hard way! I DO NOT INTENTIONALLY COVER TEXT in my Bible. It is my preference to never “cover” God’s Holy Word. UNFORTUNATELY, I have had a few mishaps…this being one of them. In the bottom left corner, I overlapped the flowers and then could no longer read the text…sooooooo, I re-wrote that section (verse by verse) in the margin on the right side 😬 HOPE THIS SAVE YOU FROM DOING THE SAME THING!

Happy Napkining!




Doodle 101 “Rooted in Christ”


I love that here in Colossians it says that we are not only established in faith through our ROOTS (in Christ), but we are also BUILT UP!

Can’t we ALL use a little BUILDING UP?!

I am praying that we would each LOOK to the Lord for our strength…AND that we would also FIRST LOOK to Him when we need “BUILDING UP!”

(& not social media, our achievements, our status….you know the list)

What a loving promise our Father keeps!

He’s ALL ABOUT LOVE …boy, am I grateful for that.

Don’t EVER FORGET, that He’s rather die, than be without you:)

Blessings to you,


Doodle101 / The Rooster


The enemy likes to haunt us with our past, but the “stains there, do not disqualify us from sharing the living hope of Jesus.”  (-Lisa Harper)

We may go back to those feelings of shame and guilt but our Savior lifts our chin to look UP…that we might see the bigger picture…that we would see Him.

Christ knew then, what He knows now…we make mistakes…sometimes we even deny His name (putting our own before His) but He LOVES us through it.

As a sinner who has been saved, you & I  have been called to proclaim the hope that set us free.

Praying that the Lord would cause your eyes to look up.



Doodle 101 / Pour

BAJ/Doodle101/POUR:Sue Carroll

Good Morning!  Busy couple weeks for me…catering part of a very special wedding, moving & building a new home, teaching classes… to name a few fun activities!  A hectic and changing season of life for me…one that I am in great need of receiving and “extra portion” of what the Holy Spirit so generously will provide…as long as I am willing to surrender.

I don’t know about you, but even when I know the importance of allowing God to lead me in every detail of my life, I keep the “reigns” of the things I need to let go of the most!

This visual of God’s extravagant love being poured out in abundance helps me to remember that I am thirsty and need to drink!!

13 Jesus answered and said to her, “Everyone who drinks of this water will thirst again; 14 but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.”

-John 4:13,14

If you carry your water around with you during the day, why not tape on this verse as a reminder to drink of the living water! Wouldn’t it be great to read that (and “listen) every time you took a sip?!!!

BAJ/Doodle101/POUR/Sue Carroll