Psalm 33


Today’s reading is in Leviticus (11-13) and the Psalms. It is definitely a nice balance. Leviticus is quite challenging to read and hard to understand. A big part of the challenge is cultural, but I think we also suffer the spoiled child syndrome.

In our sin nature and puffed up self, we can easily rationalize our “basic goodness.” “I’m pretty good…I’m definitely better than.______”

We have the luxury of the Holy Spirit…of the great atonement of the cross. We don’t live in the age of rituals…where we might fear that our God will stike us dead if we enter the Holy of Holies. Through His great love, He has “walked through the pieces” for us (Abrahamic Covenant). He is holding up OUR end of the agreement…His sacred covenant to Abraham extends to us and the future generations. Through Christ WE are seen as Holy.

Isn’t that so hard to wrap you’re mind around???!!

Oh what a good Father we have. He is patient, slow to anger, steadfast in love and mercy…and in that great love, willing to give us what we don’t deserve.

I am grateful beyond words for my new life. The old life was dark and dead.

It is with great joy and humbleness that I CAN say I “SING A NEW SONG!”



Happy Monday!



Exodus / Part 1 and Part 2

Good day!

If you’re joining me as I read through the Bible in one year…we are headed to Leviticus.

I did these two pages to highlight some of Exodus.

(To see the start of my journey and the original post about this process with the app READ SCRIPTURE CLICK HERE)

It’s definitely challenging to get all the reading done, especially with the addition of the Bible Study I am in currently (SEAMLESS by ANGIE SMITH) but the 2 go hand in hand!

To see the Doodle pages only, click on “Doodle through the Bible” in my menu.

As always, click on the images for the pdf.


Hope these are helpful to you! They sure help me remember the highlights!


“Year of the Word” Reading the Bible in one year

Still in Genesis…

Today’s section was Genesis 32-34, but I peeked ahead and watched the awesome “overview video” on day 11.

We are using the app READ SCRIPTURE. It comes with great tools and videos that introduce each book as you go. You can find it HERE

I created this doodle after watching the video.

Even God’s chosen few made BIG mistakes. We are in good company. God’s plan will never be stopped by our failings. Thank you Jesus…for an indescribable love.


Year of the Word


I’ve missed you:)

I haven’t posted in quite awhile…for many reasons really…but the primary reason is…

The Lord has been prompting me to step away from too much “alone time” and back into more intentional discipling.

I’m not sure if it is His Will for me to step away from my blog completely, but the intense time it takes to write and develop art along with step by step doodles has definitely pulled me away from what I feel the Lord has purposed me for…encouraging others in their faith…up close and personal.

Like all of you, I also have many other responsibilities in caring for my family and extended family, church work, etc. Life is a balancing act, and one we me must constantly go to the Lord to for direction.

I hope to continue with my blog, praying about what that might look like.

For now, I want those of you who take the precious time to read my heart here at 1 Arthouse to know how much I value you, appreciate your time, YOUR heart and your life! It is for you that I post. Anything I have to give, I do out of gratitude for this life the Lord rescued. I want the same for you. I desire His best for you.

My church is taking this NEW year to start at the beginning of God’s Word and read His book of life from cover to cover.

We are using the app READ SCRIPTURE. It comes with great tools and videos that introduce each book as you go. You can find it HERE

I had a sweet instagram friend ask me for a print out for the art below. Hope it is something you will all enjoy!

Click on the image below / it will take you to the pdf in my Dropbox

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