My Best Granola

Hello friends!

Wishing you well this Saturday morning! It’s sunny here ☀️

Today I meet with you, simply to share an expression of love in my life…food:)

It brings me such joy to share a gift from my kitchen with others. Cooking is another way I get my creative “out.” I grew up with a Mom that made good food. She was a cook by the book. I’m far less organized than Mom, and I enjoy seeing a dish come together slowly…through the process of “this and that”. For me, it is more about the creative process which leads to a finished plate meant to be shared.

Below is a recipe I share all through the year. It is especially enjoyed at Women’s Bible Study! This granola has traveled on the road with countless loved ones. It has been munched on by hikers, bagged up for giftS, and is often packed up for college students.

This illustration is a new “style” for me. I’ve been messing around with the “retro look.” (Graphics, fonts, backgrounds) I’ve recently been inspired by other artists who have illustrated their recipes this way:)

Here you go! Happy Saturday!

Much love,

4 thoughts on “My Best Granola

  1. Sue, I love the retro recipe! Just what I needed today. Thanks for all the beautiful heartfelt spiritual thoughts and artwork. Truly an inspiration to me…

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