Sneak Peak of my First October Tutorial for Frog Dog Studio

Sneak Peak : October Hand Bound Journal

Check out this month for many great tutorials

using this amazing October Kit

The products in this kit are incredible, and can be used for MANY MANY projects!

I have several tutorials throughout the month of October, including:

Hand Bound Journal Project, Mixed Media Goes to the Oven,

Wicked Journal Page, Halloween Card,

and Spooky Repurposed Vintage Drawer

Along with the rest of our FABULOUS Design Team projects!

PS. Among some of my favorite products used are Lindy’s Stamp Gang Moon Shadow Inks!!

Hope you check it out:)

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The Zippered Bag goes MIXED MEDIA:)

I’ve been wanting a fun personalized make-up bag for awhile.  I kept asking myself, “can’t you just make one?”  my answer was…”well, I don’t really sew.”  -and that is the truth.

BUT, I am trying to learn…hence, the daily zippered bag projects:)

This is the bag I had in my head…well, at least ONE of them:)

Mixed Media Bag

I wasn’t super happy with the last zippered bag I made…I like this one  better.

I do admit that I really had some “needle troubles”

Not sure the cause…bent one…another kept falling out…I think I need a few more basic lessons from my Daughter:)

Go HERE for the step by step bag tutorial.

For the design, I used inexpensive acrylic paints mixed with textile medium, which when heat set, becomes permanent but still soft and flexible.  For the lettering, I used a permanent black XS PITT multi liner pen.

The material I used for the bag is an inexpensive muslin.

Please send me a message, if you have any questions!!

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Super Easy 30 Minute Headband

My daughter is the seamstress, but she has bitten me and the “disease is spreading!”  I don’t think I’ll ever sew the beautiful clothes that she does, but I sure like trying smaller projects that I can ink and paint!

 I found this great pattern on Etsy here.  If I can do it, you can do it:)

Super Easy 30 Minute Headband

The quote is a favorite of mine

“Love is ascribing worth to another, at cost to oneself.”  -Greg Boyd

I think I’ll be making more:)

Gelli Plate Printed Zippered Bag

Gelli Plate Printed Zippered Bag

So, I made another zippered bag…I need a lot of practice:)

With this one, I used my Gelli Plate to paint the fabric, once I had my outside pieces cut out.  (Muslin) I added a textile medium to the acrylic paints, and then heat seat them when dry.

The textile medium assures a soft finish, rather than a hard dried paint that can crack.  It is also washable.  I practiced on some scrap pieces of muslin first, trying to decide on the color and basic tools for the design.

The colors and prints are limitless with the Gelli Plate….

Gelli Plate Printed Zippered Bag

Gelli Plate Printed Zippered Bag

Gelli Plate Printed Zippered Bag

If you’d like to see the tutorial I used for this bag you can find it here!

The zipper was a little tricky for me, as a beginner, but I learned a little something each time.

Thanks Anna!!

Easy Zippered Tote

I don’t know about you, but I can’t ever find a cute zippered make-up bag…other than plain black, or odd colors I don’t really like.  (neon pink:) )

I’ve been wanting to sew one myself, but knew it would have to be very simple!

This is actually my first real sewing project outside of the simple quilting I used to do 25 years ago:)

  I  had a little help and encouragement from my seamstress daughter.

This great tutorial can be found here …thank you Anna!!!

Hand Painted Make-Up Bag Tutorial w/Lindystampgang Moon Shadow Ink

I’ve got a lot more experimenting to do with color and mediums I’d like to try, but this one was “painted” with Moon Shadow Ink from Lindy’s Stamp Gang.  (Golden Doubloons)

You may not be able to see the variation in color and shimmer these Inks provide, but they are truly magical.

-One product with multi-layers of color, activated by warm water.

I heat set this design with an iron for about 30 seconds over each area.  I’m really not sure if this will prevent the color from running if it gets wet….guess I will find out!

The good news:  I don’t plan on washing this bag, so hopefully it will be fine as is.

I am sure to make more in the near future, using other products that are meant for the wash…I’ll keep you “posted!”

Hand Painted Make-Up Bag Tutorial w/Lindystampgang Moon Shadow Ink

Happy Wednesday!!

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Fall Colors with LuminArte Silks

LuminArte Silks Acrylic Glaze paints are so vibrant and smooth.  I love the colors and the way they just glide onto a page.  They are vibrant and rich and delicious.  Isn’t it funny how easy it is to compare wonderful art products to food…yummy also comes to mind:)

Fall Colors w/LuminArte Silks

Fall Colors w/LuminArte Silks

Repurposed Book Journal Pages Continue…

For me, art is therapy…with pens, markers, and brush in hand, I am able to create…express…be me…

To step away from the sometimes difficult moments of life, to a place that is still and sweet.

I am so blessed to have the resources for delicious paints and pens… and the opportunity and freedom to use technology and internet connections to pursue learning and relationships with fellow creatives.

I have a grateful heart.

Repurposed book : Journal pages

Freaky Franken-Lime from Lindys Stamp Gang

I’ve been working on some upcoming October mixed media projects for Frog Dog Studio and one of the great products I’ve had the opportunity to work with is Lindys Starburst Spray.  Wow…What color…and not just one color…it’s this magical mixture of Greens within a green & a sprinkling of shimmer… Like all their products, the colors are all multifaceted:)

I can’t show you the cool projects I’ve created for Frog Dog YET, but below are a few examples of the fun I’ve been having with Lindys Stamp Gang products!

You can find Lindy Stamp Gang here.

Lindys Stamp Gang fun

Lindys Stamp Gang fun

Lindys Stamp Gang fun

Lindys Stamp Gang fun

Lindys Stamp Gang fun