Whiteboards:OUT Chalkboards:IN

I have had so much fun pining chalkboards on pinterest…

the source of inspiration for my latest project at the brand new Cincinnati restaurant

Deyo’s Italian Bistro.

I‘ve always loved the feel of the chalk in my hand and the simple black and white (or green and white) color scheme.  There’s something 3dimensional about writing on a chalkboard vs. a white board…something nostalgic.  Any of you out there ever have the job of “cleaning” the erasers?  I can remember teachers asking a few brave souls to go outside and “knock” 2 together until all the white chalky powder came out.

Most of it ended up in your hair and on your clothes and inevitability in your eyes…but it was worth it to get out of the classroom and go outside.

When family friends decided to open up their second Italian restaurant this month they asked me to letter a giant chalkboard in their carryout space.  I really couldn’t wait to “play.”

Deyo's Italian Bistro Chalkboard

I will admit that it’s been challenging to get it finished due to family circumstances, but it was “mostly” completed as of yesterday:)

Deyo's Italian Bistro Chalkboard

The board itself is made with Chalkboard paint and the lettering is done with a combination of white chalkboard paint markers and white ceiling paint.

It was so much easier to draw the “boxed in areas” with the marker….more control for straight lines.

The paint and brush were used for finer details.

I think it needs a few more elements…especially up in the right hand corner:)

Deyo's Italian Bistro Chalkboard

Deyo's Italian Bistro Chalkboard

Deyo's Italian Bistro Chalkboard

Deyo's Italian Bistro Chalkboard

Click here to see more info on their fabulous Bistro!

While it is a family friendly restaurant with plenty of nooks and crannies to excite any kid big and small alike (24/7 Disney movies shown on lower level including cool play area)  it also offers chic adult seating with luxurious booths including elegant lighting, vintage style tables, and contemporary decor elements on three levels.  I can’t wait til they load some photos of the finished interior!

Opening December 30th!

Christmas Canvas inspired by Altar’d State…a Boutique with a Mission

Altar'd State Inspired Canvas

A friend of mine recently told me of a new store that arrived in town…An artfully crafted boutique that is comparable to Anthropology, but definitely more affordable.  The COOLEST thing about this store is their heart.

Below is an expert from their website…

People often ask us why? The answer is simple, to give back. It is not just what we do, it is who we are. We want to do more than provide fashionable alternatives to young women who want to make a difference. We want to inspire a movement to stand out – for good.

We give in any way we can. Whether it’s through “Give Back” brands, our Mission Monday program, funding employee volunteer hours, or various outreach opportunities, we strive to constantly contribute to the world around us.

Along with beautiful, modest, vintage inspired apparel, they carry unique home decor, fashion accessories, and even stock a few inspirational “reads.”  As I walked through their shop this week, my son said, “Hey Mom, there’s your book!”

He was referring to a book I have used to mentor young girls called “Redefining Beautiful” by Jenna Lucado.

This really blew me away!  It is a book that helps young women uncover the lies they believe about themselves to reveals the fully  accepted, forgiven, chosen, unique and loved creation God made them to be.

A clothing store that cares about their customers…

that reaches beyond the dollar to give back to the community and to the world.

I REALLY support that! I hope you will too:)

Altar’d State

Altar'd State

My inspiration…Above canvas available at Altar’d State

Altar'd State Inspired Christmas Canvas

Altar'd State Inspired Christmas Canvas

Altar'd State Inspired Christmas Canvas

Altar'd State Inspired Christmas Canvas


Chalkboard Christmas

I love the simplicity of black & white chalkboard images…it’s definitely been a running theme in my Christmas crafts this year!

I’m actually working on a GIANT Chalkboard for a local restaurant…more on that later:)

Below is a little 8 X 8 Canvas…Dick Blick  (Art Supply Store)

has had some nice discounts on many of their products + free shipping!

CHristmas Chalkboard Canvas

I love familiar carols…as Buddy the Elf once said…

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear!”

I’m a little embarrassed to say how many times I’ve watched the movie “Elf,” I think I’ll just keep that number to myself.

It doesn’t even have to be December…

Speaking of familiar carols…I miss singing traditional hymns in church:(

Please bring them back churches…they are a part of our Christian heritage, full of truth and praise.

Splash of Color and Frog Dog Studios PAINT CHRISTMAS

Christmas Art with Luminarte Silks, Modeling Cream, and Catherine Scanlon Grid Stencil

As a Frog Dog Studio Design Team Member, I have the privilege of receiving amazing mixed media products every month to create with…

This month, our December Kit included Viva Decor Modeling Cream, & several jars of LuminArte Silks Acrylic Glaze.

(along with MANY other goodies of course!)

These great products, along with Catherine Scanlon’s Grid Stencil (introduced to me through FROG DOG)

 are what I used to create this framed Christmas piece.


I started this project by using black acrylic paint to stencil the “GRID” onto a piece of cold pressed, 140 Lb. Watercolor paper.

Catherine Scanlon Grid Stencil

Next, I used a pencil to draw each element into the grid areas.

After that, I went over the pencil drawings with one of my favorite pens… Black Pitt multi-liner in XS.


Then, it was time to COLOR!


In the photo above, you can see a close up of the modeling cream added to the fur on the hat.

The red is LuminArte Silk in Carmen.

My photo doesn’t do the modeling cream justice, really…below is a photo of the depth and texture you can achieve with this amazing product…


Below, I am sharing some close up shots of this piece, so that you can see the brilliance and intensity

of color that LUMINARTE SILKS provide!

luminarte silks











The SILKS I used in this piece were…

African Jade, Fern, Carmen, & Sunflower.


Viva Decor’s Pearl Modeling Cream

These amazing products can be found at SPLASH OF COLOR

Inspiration for this piece and more can be found at

Frog Dog Studios

Altered Shabby Chic iphone case

At Frog Dog Studio we have new partners “in crafts” (Amazing Crafting Products-ACP)

and they have opened the door WIDE to many new and exciting projects

utilizing both ACP products and the great supplies found at 

Frog Dog Studios.com including our monthly kits.

Below, is my first joint project:)

I have altered my iphone case several times…I’m sure this won’t be the last…it’s a problem I have:)

 Above is what lies beneath:)

This time, using both the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and the Viva Decor Paper Pen

I created this Vintage Button Case. 

(The Viva D. Paper Pen is a wonderful product I received in a previous Frog Dog Kit)

 *NOTE: I am not using Frog Dog’s December Kit for this project

 First, I covered the case with some torn art paper…you could use any paper that would be a soft neutral background for your buttons to “shine.”

I glued all the pieces on with Mod Podge.


Next, I pulled out a jar of my favorite vintage buttons. (I collect them)

I placed the buttons on top of the case, arranging & re-arranging them to get a good fit…

leaving about 1/4″ border for the Paper Pen.

Once I was happy with the button placement, I glued them in place with Mod Podge, using a brush. I did this to keep them secure until they were coated with Resin.

Above you can see the application of the Opal Paper Pen border.

It dries within 20-30 minutes… enough to layer the “piping” in order to build up a high enough “wall” to contain the poured Resin.


Along with the border, I piped around the “apple hole”


I applied 3 “layers” of piping.

Before I poured the Resin, I added a heart cut out of a burlap ribbon with a thin Paper Pen border.  I wrote the words “-Love more” on a piece of the white art paper and glued both the words and another tiny button on top of the heart with Mod Podge.

Once the final layer of Paper Pen Piping was dry; and the heart, words, and button were in place, it was time to mix up the Amazing Clear Cast Resin.


It’s SOOO easy…

1.) pour together equal parts of A & B.

2.) let the air bubbles rise to the top

3.) slowly stir until “swirls” disappear

4.) then pour!

I used about 1 Tbs. each, of both A & B

(it helps to “pinch” the cup together slightly to create a “spout” when pouring)

I used a popsicle stick (included in the Resin kit) to move the Resin over some of the buttons and the burlap heart, being careful to go slow, remembering not to pour too much at once,

causing it to spill over my Paper Pen wall.

*Make sure that your popsicle stick is completely clean, so that no unwanted debris gets trapped in your Resin.

  It is dry within 24-48 hours.

(I used my phone the next day)

The small button in the top left hand corner is a little too close to the camera.  




(or just omit those)


*I took that one button off and moved it slightly & re-attached it with a strong glue.

The top left corner was the only area that the Resin was not added.


I have a strong suspicion that I will be making another Resin Case soon!!!

I love how it turned out


It’s very durable! Who needs an Otter?

It was especially adored by my 6th grade girls small group at church:)

The embellishments you could add with Amazing Clear Cast Resin are endless!

charms, beads, fabric scraps, movie tickets, stamps, coins, ribbon…

Hope this gives you some ideas for creating your own phone case with

Amazing Clear Cast Resin and the Viva Decor Paper Pen!


It’s a joy to create and share with you!




Chalkboard Christmas:)

Yesterday, a “Designer friend” of mine, text me to ask if I could make a canvas for her to give to one of her clients.  This client and her family are away on vacation and has hired my friend to “Deck her Halls” for Christmas before they arrive home tomorrow.  It’s just like this friend of mine, to want to do something extra special…so…this is what I came up with.  Hope her client likes it!!

Chalkboard Christmas

Vintage Paper Christmas Tags

Christmas Tags with Silks


Start off with a few Craft Paper Tags…like these:


(click on photo above for source)

I had previously purchased a few vintage Christmas music books (student piano books, hymns, & caroling books)

Gently tear pages into small pieces and glue onto tag with matte medium, mod podge, or craft glue.


Christmas Tags with Silks


Then I used a Black Pitt multi liner pen in XS to draw the images…

finishing it with LuminArte Silks acrylic paint. (carmen & fern)

along with Viva Decor’s Modeling Cream (pearl)



Christmas Tags with Silks


Christmas Tags with Silks


Christmas Tags with Silks

Christmas Tags with Silks


I love creating handmade things during the holidays!  Something I have a little more time to do, now that 3 of my 4 kids are out on their own.  I am enjoying being a Grandmother and watching each of my children “grow into their own.”

It’s a blessing I hope I never take for granted:)

Love sharing with you!


Christmas in Silks

As a Design Team Member for Frog Dog Studios, I’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing products this month!

 LuminArte Silks are one of the exciting mixed media products that were included in our December kit.

This is a preview for the Blog Hop we will be participating in with Splash of Color 


Splash of Color is a mixed media company that manufactures and distributes a wide range of premium art and craft products, including their proprietary line of Luminarte water and acrylic based paints and VIVA Colour mediums, imported from Germany. In addition, they offer a wide assortment of paper crafting products,many of which are licensed under well-known artists and designers.

Stay tuned for more details on the HOP! 

Christmas in Silks/1Arthouse.wordpress.com

Blog Hop/Frog Dog/Splash of Color

Holiday Gift Tags with Viva Decor’s Modeling Cream

Holiday Tags with Viva Decor's Modeling CreamOur December Mixed Media Kit from Frog Dog Studio included a very generous  jar of Viva Decor’s Modeling Cream.  Modeling Cream is incredibly versatile and comes in 11 Metallic/Pearlescent Colors. It is a dimensional paste that will hold its shape while wet. It  has a creamy consistency with a high degree of color brilliance – used to deliver extraordinary 3D effects. It is especially great with stencils, leaving a 3 dimensional image of any design.  You can find it HERE at Splash of Color  OR purchase the DECEMBER KIT at Frog Dog Studio and Modeling Cream, along with many other AMAZING PRODUCTS!


Click on the Kit photo above to hop over to Frog Dog Studios where you can see lots of fun projects created by the Design Team every month!

Happy Creating!!

It’s a joy to share with you:)