The Virtue Of Contentment


I’ve been away from my writing desk for quite some time. While I’ve continued to post Doodle 101’s on Instagram, I have set my blog aside due to other priorities in my life. I’m a Mama of 4 and Mimi to 5, and love every minute of these very important roles! I have also been focused on Women’s Ministry and connecting deeply with the precious Sisters God has allowed me to walk beside. I am in another season of change and have found time to update my Bible Journaling Study The Virtue Of Contentment.

This study is deeply personal for me, as it came from my difficult journey out of a miry pit. I am so grateful to be rescued and it’s an extremely rich blessing to have the opportunity to use both my passion for God’s Word and my love of creating together to glorify the Lord!

His rescue plan for me included Women like you; caring Sisters who lovingly walked with me as witnesses to the relationship I could have with the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. Out of desperation, I slowly took the important steps towards obedience and God met me there with His presence and provision. 

Out of deep appreciation for His love and kindess, I have a sincere desire to share the good news with others. Everything I have and everything I am is a gift from God. He has so sweetly allowed my passion for His word and my passion for creating to come together in a way that brings Him glory.

This Book was created as an aid, to facilitate both a Bible Study and the process of journaling. This study was birthed through my own personal journey to restoration.  In this workbook you will find the 3,2,1 Method of Study, weekly questions, journaling prompts and doodle 101’s. These short journaling lessons will help you take the truth God reveals to you and create a lasting visual of His Word. It’s less about creating art, and more about connecting multiple senses in the process of meditating on God’s Word. Journaling can simply be re-writing scripture, keeping a gratitude list, or tracking your plan of obedience and journey of faith. These expressions of truth and praise, will become an altar to the Lord… a lasting memorial of the place where God has met with you. (Gen 12:6-9). I pray that you will meet with your Father daily, relying on Him for all things. To Him, all glory is given!

I will continue to add Bullet Journal Options to compliment this study. You can find them by going to my Home Page Menu.

If you’d like to order the Study, you can find it in my Etsy shop. Click “My Etsy Shop” on the side bar of my blog or go to ETSY.COM and search for my shop 1ARTHOUSE. THE BIBLE STUDY WORKBOOK COMES WITH A STUDY GUIDE BOOKMARK AND SCRIPTURE STICKER FOR YOUR PERSONAL BULLET JOURNAL.

As always, I’m here to answer any questions you have along the way!

Look for more info coming soon about another exciting project I’ve been working on…

Puzzles to facilitate community and conversation about God. Kickstarter coming soon!

Much love,

6 thoughts on “The Virtue Of Contentment

  1. Literally one of the most meaningful, effective studies I’ve ever done. While I’ve completed the study, the workbook remains on my nightstand and I read/review it on nights when I need to focus on gratitude, His love for me and of course contentment. Sue is amazingly talented in sharing His word and how to apply it to my life. ❤️

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