Day 6

To be honest, I’m still prayerfully processing today’s lesson…

Maybe it’s because I need a little more KINDNESS🙂




More later today….

How is your study going? What are you learning? I’d love to hear:)

So…Day 6 part 2.

I love that Hayley points out that Kindess leads us to repentance (Romans 2:4) Kindness has the power to transform our hearts. To change us from the inside out.

Kindness is GREAT for the the receiver, yes…but TRANSFORMING for the GIVER.

The thing that trips us up, is the attitude of our heart…in our fallen “state” we most often DO have …

“what’s in it for me” playing in the background…or a mind set of “let’s rack one up for the nice team.”

BUT, When we are led by the Holy Spirit, the fruit of  kindness will be developed in us as something more than just a deed…it changes the posture of our heart.

Our God isn’t asking us to do something we cannot do. But we can only do it with His help.

I LOVE those moments when I yield to the help of the Holy Spirit as He guides me to extend God’s grace to another. These moments are most often an awakening of sorts…when I realize my mind and my flesh did NOT want to extend grace, but I did it anyway. It is precisely then that I am aware of God’s powerful and loving presence. When I do the thing I would never do on my own…and I am left with…not dread, but PURE (UNEXPECTED) JOY….THAT IS THE REWARD GOD PROMISED.




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